• Ella Wood

Pandemic Positive // Becoming Neighbours

We reached out to the Adelaide Creative Communications community for your positive stories that have arisen from the Covid-19 Pandemic. Here is the inspiring story of collaboration between Visualizm and Seeingsounds...

Like many fields in Advertising, Covid-19 has thrown some unexpected curve balls at Post Production studios in Adelaide.

From video editing, to secure live streaming of remote sound sessions, production houses needed to quickly adapt to the new social distancing rules. If needed, they had to create ways for their advertising clients to be involved in the entire creative process remotely and it needed to be extremely user friendly and high quality for everyone involved.

Leading into 2020, editor Steve Deeble of Visualizm and sound engineer Scott Illingworth, found they were increasingly working on the same projects for advertising agencies. Prior to Covid arriving, they were always on the phone discussing new ways to streamline and create better results for the client.

Finally, in the height of Covid, with many clients choosing to work from home and visiting the city less often, the opportunity arrived for Visualizm to move in next door.

Although the two businesses are separate entities with their own clients, they’re also lucky enough to share some dedicated clients who have shown a huge amount of support through this tough period.

Covid will continue to throw unexpected problems at the industry, but Scott and Steve are also excited by some of the new workflows that it has created.

visualizm.com.au / seeingsounds.com.au "Good things always come from new ideas and closer collaboration."

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