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Ambassador // Micky Grant: Freelance Producer

We caught up with Micky to find out more about her story.

Explain a little about yourself and the role you play in the creative communications industry.

I often say that I love the visual medium and I feel that must certainly be true when I consider the types of roles I’ve been attracted to in my particular career.

Essentially, I’ve had a career progression of multiple parts working in Advertising and Production, over some 35 years.

I began my career in the ‘80’s and initially started in front of the camera modelling for both stills shoots and some television commercials. There are a few random TVCs out there featuring my young self, full of excitement, passion and promise. While I found this really exciting and great fun, I actually found a love of life behind the camera, helping piece together all the elements that make up a creative concept or


This began my foray into production, firstly with photography production, incorporating fashion styling and set design for clients in my own business in the ‘90’s while living in Sydney.

Then, finally becoming a producer and executive producer at KWP! Advertising, some years later, in Adelaide. It’s this last role that was the defining one for me as far as my ability to consistently produce a large variety of work for many clients –

both South Australian and National – over many years; alongside a wonderful team of agency creatives, planners and strategists.

Furthermore, my production experience greatly assists in my role with The Communications Council. Facilitating a creative thinking course such as AWARD School each year and helping participants find their ‘happy place’ in a professional

sense is most rewarding. In many ways it’s an ideal evolution.

What do you enjoy most about what you do?

I believe I really enjoy - and hopefully I’m good at - problem solving. I also love working with creatives and the plethora of teams that bring an idea to life. From talent agents, to casting, hair and makeup and wardrobe, sound, filming, editing and all facets of post-production; this is what I find really interesting. There’s a saying that producers have and it’s ‘there is always a solution’. This type of promise and

positivity motivates me. It’s like putting a jigsaw puzzle together with all the essential pieces finding their true home.

What challenges have you faced in the industry and how have you overcome them?

I believe one of my greatest challenges was the advent of the Digital Age. Digital technology changed production virtually overnight, firstly with film to digital photography and then with moving imagery. The challenge for an advertising

producer at the time was to be able to offer clients production values comparable to film but without the cost and generally in a shorter timeframe. I remember this as

being a testing transition and I overcame multiple hurdles by sourcing a variety of talented suppliers. Each possessing flexible skill sets while still keeping the creative idea of paramount importance for both the creative team and clients alike.

What advice would give to someone just starting out in the industry, particularly young women entering the creative community?

Listen to those who have the experience and learn from them. Take advantage of every opportunity that comes your way and do the jobs that no one else wants to do as there’ll be a gem in every one. If your professional approach is that everything is a learning experience, you’ll always be inspired and find the ‘newness’ in the next job rather than becoming jaded... leave your ego at the door but bring your sense of

humour of course!

How do you believe the industry could be more accommodating to women?

By inclusion, with men and women simply working together for the most desirable outcome. Relating to each other with objectivity, understanding and compassion, supporting each other - especially in Leadership roles - and with Trust being the essential ingredient.

Any other comments?

Don’t overthink it... do it and make it fun... not only for yourself but for everyone!

As women progress in our careers, I hope that we - and the rest of the world - engage in a conversation that speaks of a woman’s intelligence, capacity, professionalism and experience; rather than of her ‘age’. As ever, Experience brings Wisdom - which is to be celebrated.

Website: www.mickygrant.com.au

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