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Ambassador // Emma Hackett: Designer

We caught up with Emma to find out more about her story.

Tell us a bit about your background, what you are studying, what you do 9-5 and why did you choose to do them?

I’m 21 and grew up with my parents and little sister in Moonta, South Australia, before going to boarding school in Adelaide for years 11 and 12. I’ve always loved mucking around on the computer and designing things since I was little. I used to create my own magazine covers and had my own clothing line of designs by the age of about 10! In year 11 and 12, I studied web design and visual art design and they quickly became my favourite subjects and inspired me to become a freelancer.

I’m currently studying externally, doing a Bachelor of Business with a Major in Marketing. I plan to finish the degree this year. For my 9-5, I work for Mihell & Lycos as a designer. I’ve been there since I was fresh out of high school and have learned so much working there. They’re an excellent Adelaide based marketing agency and have helped me grow so much.

What has been the biggest challenge you've faced so far?Work/study/life balance has been a tough one for me! Being a freelancer and an online student isn’t limited to 9-5 so I find myself doing things whenever I can squeeze them in. It’s not often you’ll find me at home not using my laptop.

Do you think there is enough representation of women in leadership in the advertising and design industry, why?

I always think there’s more room for women in the advertising and design industry, and in all industries to be honest!

However, at Mihell & Lycos, the agency I’ve been with for my short career, we’ve always hired the best person for the job, regardless of gender so I’ve been privileged to not be exposed to any form of discrimination and to just work with awesome people; men and women alike!

What inspired you to work in creative communications?

I love design and how it can move and influence people. I really like the variety of the industry. I never have two weeks in a row of the same tasks, the same challenges or the same clients so it keeps me on my toes and exposes me to all kinds of thinking, skills and people.

What are your hopes for the industry and your future career within it?

My hopes are that there is more female representation in advertising and in all industries, and that people progress in their careers from the value they bring, and are not subjected to discrimination of any kind. I think diversity in workplaces and industries is really important in inspiring positive change and innovation.

Website: emmahackettdesign.com

Instagram: @emmahackett_design

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